My favorite book.

My favorite book.
There are a great number of books in the world and it's impossible to find a man who read all of them. The book is a story and the tastes of each epoch. Some of them hopelessly lost their charm, fascination but the others are so popular and actual up till no\\. Each writer dreamed to write for ever but how he coped with it they know only in the following generations. I can't point out the exactly book that I like most of all. I've got some of them and they are of different plans: some of them are fiction, the others are historical. But the last two years I've been giving preference the detective stories. Nowadays, I've got two favorite writers of this genre. They are differing from each other but an unknown power makes me love both of them.
The first writer has a consummate mastery. She is Agatha Christie. "Sparkling Cyanide", "Hickory Dickory Dock", "The Secret Adversary", etc. And these novels are only a small part of the books' list that I read. Her detectives literally are permeated with the mystic atmosphere.
A mysterious crime the decision of which a reader should find is the main idea of her exciting stories. The ends of the novels are always unpredictable and unforgettable. I read a lot of her detectives but they made me surprise every time. There are the features that helped her to become the best writer of the detective stories in the world. It's interesting to say that she never came across neither the police nor the crime!
The next writer made me admire his style of writing many times. He is James Hadley Chase. All the books I had time to read ("Come easy - Go easy", "Cade", etc.) became my favorite ones. Chase wrote most of his books using a dictionary of American slang, detailed maps, encyclopedias, and reference books on the American underworld. Most of the books were based on events occurring in the United States, even though he never really lived in the United States.
In several of Chase's stories the protagonist tries to get rich by committing a crime — an insurance fraud or a theft. But the scheme fails and leads to a murder and finally to a cul-de-sac, in which the hero realizes that he never had a chance to keep out of trouble. Women are often beautiful, clever, and treacherous; they kill unhesitatingly if they have to cover a crime. His plots typically centre around dysfunctional families, and the final denouement justifies the title!
Unlike Agatha Christie's novels, in almost none of his novels do the readers have to guess the killer. The reader knows who the killer is from the very beginning, yet the beauty of his books were that Chase always kept the reader on their tiptoes, guessing "what happens next?".
Taking a great interest in the detective stories, I began to collect Agatha's and
James's books. I prefer the non-adapted stories and every time I'm delighted vvith the
author and the book more and more.
Учитель англ.яз Гильмутдинова А.М.

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